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Welcome to the admissions website

Thank you for your interest. The admissions committee is here to assist you. Its main purpose is to provide you with accurate information so that you may determine if the school is the most appropriate option for each applicant.

To start the admissions process please complete the registration form:

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Before the beginning of any admissions process, you should take into account our Admissions Policies:

The minimum age requirement for each grade level is:

Pre-kinder: Three years of age.

Kinder 4: Students that have recently turned four-years of age or are about to become four within the two following months of the enrollment date in August.

Kinder 5: Students that have recently turned five-years of age or are about to become five within the two following months of the enrollment date in August.

In Transition and Primary Grades, students are admitted according to availability and school placement.

High School applications are reviewed for students aspiring to enroll in Sixth and Seventh Grade based on the following conditions:

-Student must come from an IB school

-Student must have excellent academic and behavioral recommendations.

Applications of students from Eight, Ninth and Tenth Grade are reviewed if they are transferred from an IB school and have excellent recommendations.

All applicants must present an admission exam.

Admission Process:

To begin the admission process in an effective and positive manner we give informational conferences followed by a guided on-campus tour.

All applicants must fill out and send the Registration Form  and wait for us to contact them with the date and time of the upcoming informational conference.

Please make sure to fill out the form and provide us with precise data and contact information.

The informational conferences for the academic year 2015-2016 will be held monthly (starting in September) and throughout the second semester of 2014.

Applicants who attended the last informational meeting and are interested in continuing with the process should complete the following steps:

1. Pay the Admissions Form:

The payment can be made in cash or with a debit card at the treasury of the school the day of the informative conference or you can request a bill to pay the fee at a bank.

2.Fill out the Admissions Form:

Once the payment has been received the applicant will receive via email a password and instructions on how to complete the Admissions Form through our online website.

3. Study of Applications:

The admissions committee examines applications for admission and should respond within the times established in every informational conference.

4. Scheduling of Diagnostic Evaluations:

The diagnostic evaluations will be established on an individual basis with every family and will usually be scheduled for the same week of the admissions form’s approval.

5. Attend Interview:

Once the diagnostic evaluation is approved, the two parties establish a date in which the parents complete an interview

6. Pre-enrollment:

This last step is the pre-enrollment, in which the parents or caregivers pay a part of the tuition fee. Remember that candidates with prior or later admission processes than yours could take the space of a process not yet pre-enrolled. 

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